Educational workshops

taller-vn-6The main objective of the educational workshops of the MDAS is to bring the art closer to the child and young audience.

With underage youngsters we intend to become acquainted with a space which they have barely visited before and, therefore, their first contact with it will be ludic, hence positive. With more grownups this issue is a little bit more difficult: they usually come to the museum thinking that it is a boring place, so we have to show them that these institutions can turn into a fun and active place as well.

Each one of the activities planned seeks very concrete objectives that adapt to the different educational standards. This way the teacher can choose each time which workshop she/he is more interested in; it becomes a la carte service.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn all cases we include a brief visit through the Museum where the students listen to an explanation of some selected pieces. Afterwards we carry out a workshop which is related to the artworks they have seen before.

They are aimed at the students between age 6 and 16 (Primary and Secondary School).

They take place from Tuesdays to Fridays in the mornings (10:30-13:30), in Spanish or Basque. The guides from the museum would lead these activities.

For further information and reservation contact us by telephone at 944 320 125.

Once upon a time…

Primary School (6-12 años).

Value the artworks as if they were objects that tell us very different stories.

The stories represented in some of the artworks are told just as if they were tales. Afterwards each pair or group receives a card with the image of one of the pieces and several key words. With all these clues they have to represent the story without saying a word and the rest have to try to guess the story and the artwork.

¿Encontrarás el tesoro?

Educación Primaria (6-12 años)

Potenciar la comprensión de términos de arte; potenciar el trabajo en grupo.


Educación Primaria (6-12 años).

desarrollar el concepto de tridimensionalidad (volumen, espacio y hueco); comprender las características y modalidades de la escultura (madera, metal, piedra…).


Educación Primaria (6-12 años).

conocer el origen de la Semana Santa; aproximarse a la pintura del barroco y sus atmósferas; experimentar jugando y trabajando con materiales y herramientas diversas.

Colorín, coloreo

Educación Primaria (6-12 años).

Introducir el mundo del color; comprender / diferenciar los colores primarios, secundarios, fríos y calientes.

El MDAS de Bilbao nacía en septiembre de 1961. Su objetivo primordial era la conservación, el estudio y la divulgación del patrimonio histórico-artístico de la Diócesis de Bilbao.

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