historiaThe MDAS opened its doors in 1961. Its main objective was the conservation, the study and the dissemination of the historical and cultural heritage of the Diocese of Bilbao.

After wandering through different temporal locations, it was settled in one of the Diocesan Seminary´s floor, in the Biscayan town called Derio. However the limited resources of the museum impede the opening to the public: for some years the researchers were the only ones who could visit the museum.

Luckily this situation changed in 1991. In this year the Town Council of Bilbao, the Bizkaia provincial council and Bilbao´s Bishopric signed an agreement to move the museum to Bilbao and to provide it with a proper headquarter. With this idea in mind the first institution transferred the building of the abandoned convent of La Encarnación, the second one agreed to undertake the restoration and the Bishopric contributed the collection and the technical equipment to the museum.

After four years of work, design and setup, the new MDAS opened in 1995.

El MDAS de Bilbao nacía en septiembre de 1961. Su objetivo primordial era la conservación, el estudio y la divulgación del patrimonio histórico-artístico de la Diócesis de Bilbao.

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