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DiARTgnosis. European religious painting

Sponsored by The Culture 2000 programme (Programa de Acción Comunitaria CULTURA 2000) a comparative study was carried out based on religious paintings (both on canvas and on other surfaces) from Spain, Italy, Finland and Greece. The conclusions of this work were shaped in different exhibitions where we could perceive the contrast between the artistic traditions of each country.


Contemporary religious architecture in Biscay. 1865-1975. From Romanticism to the Modern Movement

A tour through the temples of Biscay from French Neo-medievalism to the renewal of the Second Vatican Council, witnessing the styles that sought to find their roots in the Spanish architecture or the ones that tried to assimilate the most avant-garde forms. All of it through plans, mock-ups, photographs, virtual tours of the churches, furniture…


The Way of St. James in Biscay

We trace, through Biscay, the two routes of the Way: the shoreline route and the one who keeps inland. We stop at the places where the devotion has been translated into the building of temples, and above all, into the representation of images. From the most popular ones, such as the Saint James as a pilgrim of the chapel of Aldaka (Munitibar) to the most refined ones, like the one in Bilbaos Cathedral.


Sounds and aromas of Easter week in Seville

Installation of the artist Diego Méndez who tried to depict the emotions of the Holly Week in Seville through a delicate combination of chairs, carnations, processions, aromas, music…

El MDAS de Bilbao nacía en septiembre de 1961. Su objetivo primordial era la conservación, el estudio y la divulgación del patrimonio histórico-artístico de la Diócesis de Bilbao.

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