Exposiciones temporales


International Heritage Photographic experience (II)


Nativity Scenes of the World (IV)


Lekeitio in art

Located in the church Santa María de Lekeitio.

It included pieces from MDAS and artworks which are no longer visible from different churches of the town (Santa María, San José, Santo Domingo, various chapels…)

The exhibition was part of the Plan for the dissemination of Lekeitio’s religious heritage.


Bilbao, the world´s walkaway

It is a project that combines activities related to fashion, painting, music, theatre and solidarity. It took place in Bilbao La Vieja (Old Bilbao) and in its surroundings. The Museum held a painting exhibition organised by the Amiarte association with the collaboration of the Fundación Bilbao Arte foundation and different artists of renowned prestige (Iñaki García Ergüin, Javier Riaño, Dora Salazar, Daniel Tamayo, Begoña Usaola…)


International Heritage Photographic Experience (I)

Organized by the Museu d’Historia de Catalunya and UNESCO

It gathered the photographs of different monuments taken by youngster of thirty different countries.

The main objective of this initiative was to bring the students closer to their nearest heritage, by promoting its knowledge, value and enjoyment.

The exhibition celebrated two more editions in the years after.

El MDAS de Bilbao nacía en septiembre de 1961. Su objetivo primordial era la conservación, el estudio y la divulgación del patrimonio histórico-artístico de la Diócesis de Bilbao.

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