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Nativity Scenes of the World (IX)


For the common good. A look at the confraternities of Elorrio

Shown at the Casa de Cultura Iturri de Elorrio.

A walk through the confraternities of the town: through the ones settled in the districts and through the most modern and devotional ones.

The artworks and objects used in the activities of the members of the confraternities brought us closer to one of the most well-known institutions of our rural world.


Nativity Scenes of the World (VIII)

On this occasion, our traditional display of nativity scenes was accompanied by an exhibition of sculptures with a Christmas theme, by the Dominican friar Miguel Iribertegui.


At the convent

An exhibition of the works of the Photographer of Alava, Asier Vinues, who captured in his images the daily activities of the Dominican Sisters from the convent of Santa Ana de Elorrio.


Nativity Scenes of the World (VII)

El MDAS de Bilbao nacía en septiembre de 1961. Su objetivo primordial era la conservación, el estudio y la divulgación del patrimonio histórico-artístico de la Diócesis de Bilbao.

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